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About Us

Buy and Sell anything in Botswana

Let's face it! Time is the biggest luxury we don’t have enough of. At Tswanafind, our aim is to make your life simpler. Looking to get the ideal product for you? Or have a product that you want to list for sale? Tswanafind bridges the gap between the buyer and seller in Botswana.

We are an online classifieds platform that allows for both buyers and sellers to reach out to their target audience nationwide! Though we have a local footprint, we have global ambitions. Technology is here to make our life faster and easier, we employ technology to find out what you need. Why depend on the traditional 'middleman'? Just get to the real deal. With all the effort that was put into creating Tswanafind, we trust that we have achieved just that!

Just a few clicks and swipes at Tswanafind gets you whatever you may need, or want to sell for the convenience of your daily life. Be it the gym equipment that motivates you to do the extra rep, or the dishwasher you desperately need or simply a toy for your cat, we have it all.